2) DIY Package 
​Meal Plan, Recipes, Grocery Delivery

MANGOSTEEN                           ORANGES                              BERRIES

 MANGO                             DRAGON FRUIT                       STARFRUIT

BROWN RICE                       PURPLE RICE                             QUINOA

We use a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, and mixed grains to ensure that you're getting the best nutrition for you and your baby

All services are customizable. Contact us at info@hearttoheartvancouver.com for more information.​​

     ASPARAGUS                            CARROTS                          BEAN SPROUTS

  GAI LAN                                 BOK CHOY                            ZUCCHINI

GOLDEN DRAGON FRUIT             PASSION FRUIT                         LONGAN

Our postpartum program includes​

1) Meal Delivery Packages
All meals delivered straight to your door

        PEPPERS                                SPINACH                              BROCCOLI

Our mission is to help new mothers transition into postpartum easily by delivering delicious and nutritious meals that help restore mom's hormonal balance, increase breast milk production, and deliver optimal nutrition to the baby.

Our meal delivery programs are designed with a new mom's needs in mind. They are prepared fresh, so precious moments don't need to be wasted in the kitchen or worrying about what to eat. Our meals are nutrient dense and made with only the best ingredients. All our meal plans are approved by a Registered Dietitian or a Certified Nutritionist. Food Safety is one of our priorities and our cooks are certified with both Food Safe Level 1 and Level 2. 

We hope to make the first few weeks of motherhood a little easier so that happy moms can spend more time with healthy babies.


  WILD RICE                                BARLEY                             MIXED RICES